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Bus facility


Transport precautions to be observed by Schools
Exterior of the Bus
All the school buses must be painted with uniform colour preferably Yellow with the name of the school written prominently on both sides of the bus so that these can be identified easily.
The word “School Bus” must be written on the back and front of the bus. If it is hired bus, “On School Duty” should be clearly indicated. Telephone number of the school and/or telephone number of any contact person shall also have to be written prominently in a prominent place in each school bus so that in case of necessity the public can inform the school authority/police or other authorities.

Fixture and furniture of the Bus
The windows of Bus should be fitted with horizontal grills and with mesh wire. The doors of the Bus should be fitted with reliable locks that can be locked. All school buses must be fitted with speed control devices so that they do not exceed the speed limit of 40 Kmph. There should be a fire extinguisher in the Bus
Manpower in the Bus
There must be a qualified attendant in the Bus to attend to Children. Each school should designate one Transport Manager/ Coordinator who will ensure the safety of the school children. The provision shall also to be made by the school authorities for travelling of at least one teacher in each school bus, keeping in view the safety of the school students all through out the journey and no outsider except the conductor or the said authorized teacher or one person authorized by the guardians shall be allowed to board school bus. Medical check up regarding the physical fitness of the driver including the eye testing shall be made every year.
Facilities in the Bus
Bus should have a First Aid Box. To keep the school bags safely, there should be a space fitted under the seats or as convenient. The buses should be fitted with alarm bell/siren so that in case of emergency every one can be alerted. Hidden Camera’s are in there School Bus.