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frequently asked questions

What curriculum does Swami Vivekanand School offer?

Ans:S.V.P.S offers India's leading Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum.

Is there any admission criteria ?

Ans:- Yes, students have to appear for an aptitude test to assess their strength and weaknesses after which admitting class is determined and admission is confirmed.


Does CBSE board conduct all exams ?

Ans:- No


Which standards are introduced this year?

Ans:-Nursery to Standard VII are available from July 2010.


What are the benefits derived from this school?

Ans:-This school is based on India's CBSE curriculum, so if your child moves over from any Indian CBSE based school, the change would be as if they move to another CBSE school with inIndia. There won't be any change in curriculum and they would be able to continue in the same class.

Are there any enrichment classes available in the school?

Ans:- Yes, enrichment classes are available for students who need special attention.

How are the school holidays framed?

Ans:-School holidays aresynchronized with Govt. of India school holidays and in addition, some special holidaysare also granted.

Do the teachers have experience of training students for CBSE exams?

Ans:- Yes. All teachers  are highly professional,  wellqualified according to the CBSE teacher recruitment criteria, and experiencedin teaching in some of the leading CBSE schools in India and world. In fact,most of the teachers are exceeding the minimum guidelines set by CBSE board andhave double degrees in their specialization subjects.


Are P.E. and games included in the timetable?

Ans:-Physical Education andgames are an enjoyable part of the school timetable and help students maintaina healthy lifestyle.

Does the school have a library?

Ans:-The school has a wellequipped library. It includes books in English - both fiction and non-fictionas well as in other languages like Hindi, French and Marathi.

When can parents meet their wards' teacher?

Ans:-If there is a parent-teachermeeting, parents will be informed about it. A meeting with the teachers can befixed up between 3:30pm and 4:30pm on the first Monday of every month. Pleasecall the general office to fix up an appointment or email the teacher.

What is the use of the school diary?

Ans:-A lot of information is available in theschool diary and parents are requested to check it regularly. The diary isanother tool of communication between teachers and the parents.