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The Library should be well equipped and spacious. It should have at least five Books
(other than text books) per student in its stock subject to a minimum of 1500 at the beginning.
It shall not stock notes, examination guides or keys of any kind. In the selection of books,
norms or guidelines provided by the Board should be followed and purchases should be made
in consultation with the subject teachers.

The school should subscribe to sufficient number of newspapers and magazines. Atleast
15 magazines suitable for students and professional needs of teachers should be subscribed to.
3.The Library shall not contain any book or other forms of literature that espouse or propagate communal disharmony or casteism or discrimination based on religion, regions or language etc. The school should not stock in the library any book disapproved by the Government/ Board.
4.The school library should beadequately equipped to meet these requirements and schools should actively promote reading and referencing habits among children.

We are also having Toy Library

Children can learn many more throught games. It helps them to understand the particular concept easily and properly. Hence our teachers have prepared many games for the children. While playing these games we appreciate them, inspire them and help them to go further.



Library details

Size of the Library in sq. :- 23.6 sq.feet

No of periodicals :- 10

No of Dailies:- -

No of class wise:- 200

No of Magzine :- 20

Others:- 300