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Welcome to Swami Vivekanand Public School

“Necessity is the mother’s of invention” Opening of Swami Vivekanand Public School” was a dire necessity, because the local reputed schools had very limited vacancies for new entrants. Opening good school with quality education that too at affordable fees, is our goal. In a way it is a great contribution to the society, in this commercial world.

Since we have been following the ideology of Swami Vivekananda who was very greatly anxious & concerned about educational poverty in our country. It is not out of place to mention here that even Sister Nivedita was highly impressed & motivated by Swamiji’s appeal during his momentous speech in London, As a result of his burning concern for education, Sister Nivedita sacrificed all her life for the cause of Education. Her devotion & dedication inspired many of Swamiji’s followers who involved themselves in such a noble cause.

Our Aim

  • Co-operate with the school to maintain discipline.
    2. Co-operate promptly about PTM. Of Fees in time so that school Administration can spare maximum time for teaching & creativity.
    3. With 5-7 years of experience & study we have set certain norms, please follow them.
    4. Note that it’s a business for us but a noble profession & all revenue generated is being utilized for school development only.
    5. It’s a joint venture.

    School  efforts + Parent’s efforts = Child Development
  • S.V.P.S Trustee's Commitee

  • Major.B.S. Patil(Retd) (Chairman)

  • Mrs. Nirmalabai B. Patil (Vice Chairman)
  • Mr. Sanjay B. Patil (Secretary)
  • Mrs. Rakhi R. Marathe (Treasurer)
  • Mrs. Anita S. Jivrag (JT.Secretary)
  • Mr. Shekhar N. Jivrag (Member)
  • Mr. Subhash N. Borse (Member)